7 Out-of-the-Box After-School Activities for Teens

Written by Laura Pearson

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Perhaps you think your teen would benefit from picking up a few extracurricular activities, but they’re not particularly interested in sports. What else could they do to expand their skill set, pursue their passions, and make the most of their time after school? From Toddly, here are a few ideas for alternative after-school activities for teens, from entrepreneurship to art classes to exploring the great outdoors.


Teen entrepreneurship is a productive and enriching way for teenagers to spend their time after school. If your teen is business-minded, encourage them to learn about starting their own business. This can be an exciting way to not only teach them about economics and responsibility but also boost their creativity and confidence. One of the initial steps in this process could be designing a company logo, which they can do using the easiest logo maker available online. These tools allow users to select a style and icon, add necessary text, and then customize their creation by choosing from various fonts and colors. This hands-on experience in branding can be both educational and enjoyable.

Video Production

Social media has revolutionized the way we create and consume content, making video content more popular than ever. Platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram offer a vast audience for diverse video creations, ranging from educational content to entertainment. If your child is interested in joining this digital trend and wants to make videos, setting them up with video editing software online is a great start. They can find a range of features that can help young creators develop their storytelling skills, enhance their creativity, and share their passions with the world.


People of all ages can volunteer — teens included! If your teen wants to give back to their community, assist them in searching for local organizations that need volunteers. Lots of nonprofits and charities are happy to welcome teen volunteers who can pitch in on weeknights or weekends. Plus, your teen can add volunteer experience to their college applications in the future.


In today's increasingly digital world, learning to code at a young age can be tremendously beneficial for kids, and online resources are readily available for picking up tips. Coding can help develop problem-solving skills as it requires identifying issues, breaking them down into smaller parts, and then developing solutions. Coding can improve creativity and encourage kids to think outside the box as they come up with innovative ways to solve problems. Additionally, coding can lead to numerous career opportunities in the future, as it is a highly sought-after skill in today's job market.

Art Classes

Is your teen creative? Maybe they’ve loved their art classes at school, and now, they want to try out other mediums. For instance, if they’ve had the opportunity to take a drawing class, they might be interested in signing up for a pottery class. Find out if a nearby community center offers art classes for teens. Polaris Teen Center states that taking art classes can help teens gain better control over their emotions and behaviors, find healthy outlets for self-expression, and build confidence in themselves.

Get Outside

Encouraging your teen to spend more time outside can be greatly beneficial for their mental and physical health. One effective approach is to integrate outdoor activities into your family routine, such as evening walks, weekend hikes, or bike rides. You can also support your teen's interests by helping them find outdoor clubs or sports teams, which not only increase their time in nature but also allow them to socialize and build friendships. By showing enthusiasm for outdoor adventures and occasionally joining in, you can help make the outdoors a fun and inviting part of your teen's daily life.

Student Government

If your teen has expressed an interest in politics or global affairs, they might benefit from getting involved with student government. This is a great way to learn about the inner workings of different political processes firsthand. Your teen can gain a firsthand perspective on politics and government, meet other students who share their interests, and even explore potential career paths. Grown and Flown states that joining a student government organization can show your teen the importance of civic engagement.

Lots of teens struggle to find extracurricular activities that suit them. Today’s high school students certainly aren’t limited to playing sports after school! Whether your teen is curious about starting a business, volunteering, or getting involved with their student government, these tips will help you find activities that they will love.

Bringing it all Together

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