Why We Made Toddly

Hi there! My name is Brandon, the founder of Toddly. When my wife and I were expecting our daughter, we faced the challenge of finding a quality early childhood learning center. We quickly discovered that the search process was complicated.

Whether it was waiting in line at 6 am to submit a check for a waitlist spot or creating a custom spreadsheet to navigate through different school options, I realized there was room to simplify this entire process.

With Toddly, we are dedicated to achieving two primary outcomes:

  1. Helping parents discover, compare, and connect with high-quality early childhood learning centers.
  2. Simplifying and enhancing the enrollment process for early childhood learning centers.
Parents lifting up their child.

What Drives Us

Our mission at Toddly is to transform the way parents engage with early childhood learning centers, making the enrollment process not only easier but also more accessible and enjoyable.

We believe that childcare is an essential service that deserves the best support possible. Often, it operates quietly in the background, but its importance cannot be overstated. We're here to change that.

Toddly is your trusted partner in finding the ideal early childhood learning center for your child. Simultaneously, we offer schools a powerful platform to simplify and automate their enrollment processes, ensuring a smooth and welcoming experience for everyone involved.